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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Experience natural therapy with the sounds of birds

Birds on a wire

Have you ever heard the sounds of birds chirping early in the morning? They twitter merrily to announce the breaking of a new day, saying hello to the sun and everything under it. Bird sounds are a beautiful reminder of the beauty of nature and the love of the creator. They give us music which has a calming effect on the mind and the body. It helps us get closer to nature and experience it in all its purity.

Nature provides us with natural music in the form of bird sound effects which have been used by musicians to compose music. Scholars who study music are of the opinion that sounds of birds have influenced music to a very great extent. A musician may be inspired by the twittering of birds or intentionally use imitations of sounds of birds in their work or incorporate bird sounds in their music. Composers all over the world have used pre-recorded bird sounds as a prelude to their compositions to build the tempo of their composition and make it sound unique.

Listening to bird sounds relaxes the mind after a tiring day at work. After being constantly badgered by the sounds of traffic, loud speakers, crackers and fireworks, the sounds of birds act as a soothing balm to frayed nerves. Bird sound effects can transport you into nature far away from the hustle bustle of daily life. Perhaps this is why doctors prescribe listening to sounds of birds to fight the stress and strain of city living. It works like natural therapy to get rid of unwanted tension.

Poets have romanticized birds by raising them to ethereal levels and made them a very popular subject. Birds have featured in literary works and artists have even written songs and dedicated them to their loved ones. If you listen carefully you can feel the different pitches of the bird sounds used by them to communicate their feelings.

Rather than have bawdy music playing over loud speakers in malls and other public places, bird sounds should be played to provide a congenial and natural environment. With all the sky scrapers dotting the city virtually all the birds have flown to newer locations. I prefer to have sounds of birds twittering in a musical chorus as the ring tone for my phone. We can work to reduce noise pollution by incorporating bird sound effects wherever possible to make the surrounding closer to nature.

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