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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Experiences with big cat sound effects

I vividly remember watching my first nature movie which portrayed the lives of a young couple in the African jungles and how they reared a lion cub. The entire movie had big cat sound effects which made the entire movie come alive. It seemed as if I was in the interiors of Africa with the big cats. The movie effectively captured all the sounds that big cats make. Be it the early morning roar of the lion or the grunting and growling of hungry lions, it was all there.

I think the best way to observe big cat sound effects is in the wild life sanctuary for big cats or on a safari in the jungles of Africa. It is an experience in itself and every one must go on a jungle safari to appreciate the law of nature and the jungle. Imagine coming face to face with a lion, a leopard or a tiger. Just listening to the roar of a lion forty feet away from me was a humbling experience indeed.

The other place where you can experience big cat sound effects is the circus. I remember when ever the circus came to town, all the children would flock around the main ring of the circus just to catch a glimpse of the lion jumping from a ring of fire and then letting out a big roar after a successful jump. The tiger at times was not so obliging yet he would growl whenever his trainer would crack the whip. This was actually the trainer’s way of giving him the cue for the next jump or trick. Nevertheless, the response of the kids to the big cat sound effects was always one of awe and admiration, as the entire tent would resound with the mighty roar.

Now you can get big cat sound effects of your choice from different websites that have pre – recorded sounds of different animals and allow free downloads. This way, no harm comes to the animal nor is the animal cruelly dealt with to emit these sounds. The sounds are recorded in their natural surroundings and so many times we get to hear the different animas along with the big cats. These sites save people from coming under the scanner of the animal rights activists. It also saves you the time and effort involved in recording these sounds live. It definitely is a great way to enjoy big cat sound effects.


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