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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dogs can make the funniest noises

Inspired by the success of the funny videos TV show, a producer downloaded a dog barking noises sound clip to use as his next experiment to study human behavior. He made a few copies of these and placed them in a few shops in the mall to see the reaction of the people. In one shop, the people were alarmed and rushed out of the shop immediately, while the kids were curious to know as to how the dogs got into the shop, as pets are not allowed inside shopping complexes. At other shops, the results of the dog bark sound effects varied.

He then recorded the reaction of people going into a bakery, in the mall. This time the producer placed the dog barking noises sound clip at the very entrance of the shop. So every time the customer stepped onto the door mat, they would be greeted by a sound of a dog barking. Most of them got startled and hurriedly left the area without entering the bakery. The smarter ones tried entering a second time only to be greeted by smiling waiters within the shop, who would then explain to them that it was the dog barking alarm sound effects.

Then the producer decided to play a prank and placed a dog barking noises sound clip in a ladies departmental store. As it was a holiday, there were many ladies out shopping for dresses. After a while, a lady was spotted running out with a few dresses. The producer had put the sound clips in the trial rooms. It was hilarious to see women scurrying out of the trial rooms. The dog bark sound effects did serve its purpose well and thoroughly entertained those who knew about this experiment on human behavior. The ladies, of course, were not too pleased.

The producer was so fascinated by the responses that he decided to install the dog barking alarm sound effects clip as his door bell. Now every time some one rang his door bell, they were greeted by the dog barking sound effects clip. At first, many were taken aback by the noise and the guy who came to deliver his milk really thought that he had purchased a dog. This dog bark sound effects had a two fold advantage. He never had to take a dog for a walk, while every body thought that a dog was guarding his house.

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