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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Use cat sounds as ring tones

Sounds of animals both big or small have always fascinated my techie friend, who is always trying out new sounds in his sound studio. One day when I visited him at his studio, he was busy recording cat sounds to use as ring tones as birthday gifts for some of his colleagues.

He then played some of those cat sound effects for me and I must say that it was very intriguing to find a purring of a cat being emitted so distinctly from the phone. He had copied the cat sounds mp3 file from the internet and the sound quality was very good. It was almost as if a cat was sitting by my side on the sofa.

I remember he played a couple of those cat sounds meow for me. There was a wide variety, right from a tiny meow of a kitten to the hissing of an angry cat. Of the many cat sounds that he played my favorite was the meow of a kitten. It reminded me of a time when a kitten was caught in the middle of a thorny bush and was crying out for help.

As I was browsing through his music collection, I was startled by the angry snarl of a cat behind me. I nearly froze as I thought that I had stepped on his house cat’s tail. I imagined being taken to the hospital and getting vaccinated for the cat bite but it turned out to be one of his cat sound mp3 recorded sound being played to give me a scare.

Then I decided to give these cat sound effects a shot and asked him to record a few of them on my phone. He agreed and gave some of the best cat sound meows that one would not even hear from a house cat. I wanted to purr and if I could have made any one of those cat sounds, I would have.

I decided to play a prank on my colleagues, so I hid my phone in one of the office drawers and then phoned from the office phone from another room. I watched as my colleagues wore baffled looks on their faces, hunting frantically for a lost kitten. Yes, I set the tiny kitten’s meowing as my ring tone. When I revealed to them the source of the cat sound effects, they were very impressed.

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