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Monday, August 31, 2009

Enjoy the peace of nature sounds in your iPod or MP3 player

Here at 1Soundfx.com we have tens upon tens of thousands of sounds, but there are 12 sounds in particular that are very special and that I would like to draw some special attention to, and they are our One-hour nature soundscapes.

These sounds weren’t easy to come up with. They were personally – and I dare say, painstakingly - recorded by 1Soundfx.com founder, Bjorn Lynne. Each of these hour-long nature recordings were recorded on-location at beautiful nature spots around the world. From a Norwegian pine forest (check Relaxing Forest Ambience) to a tropical beach surf (check Tropical Ocean Surf), from the birds singing cheerfully in a flower garden in the south of France (check Garden Birds), to the eerie wind howling over the roof of an isolated cabin in the Swedish plains (check Windy Wasteland), these recordings are perhaps most of all unique for their full, one-hour undisturbed, playing time.

These sounds have already been for sale for some time through our sister site www.Shockwave-Sound.com which is concentrated mainly on royalty free stock music, under the Nature Sound Series label. We are now pleased to be able to offer these relaxing and atmospheric sounds for sale here at 1Soundfx.com for only $8.99 each. That’s for a full 60-minutes uninterrupted nature sound, downloadable in CD-quality uncompressed WAV file (16-bit, 44.1 khz). The downloaded sound can easily be used to burn an Audio-CD in your own computer, which will give you a 1-hour nature sound CD to play in any regular CD player. Or, you can quite easily convert the WAV file to MP3, AAC, M4P or other audio formats which you can play on your portable music player such as an iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 player.

There is something incredibly relaxing, refreshing and cleansing about keeping a 100% natural sound of nature playing in your speakers or in your headphones – whether you use them while working, to help you focus, or you use them to relax and chill out, perhaps to help you get to sleep, or quite simply to create a nice atmosphere in your home or workplace – these nature recordings have helped many people with everything from a lack of focus, lack of sleep, tinnitus (chronic ear pain or painful sounds). But most of all, they are enjoyed by people who simply like to have a nice, natural sound playing to them, to help them feel relaxed and refreshed.

One word of warning, though: These sound files are very large. At full CD-quality, a full minute of sound represents over 10 MB of data. So these 60-minute sound files each represent about 650 MB, which is a lot to download in a single file transfer. We therefore only recommend that customers with very good internet connections actually try to purchase and download these sounds. If your internet connection is not 100% stable and reliable, you may experience problems downloading such a huge file. Although, of course, if you have problems with this, we will help you. If you for any reason fail to download the 650 MB file, or indeed any file you have purchased from us, we will help you with the download and, if necessary, maybe convert the sound file to MP3 for you, which will result in a much smaller file, which should be easier for you to download.

Would you like to have a listen? Just go to http://www.1soundfx.com/sounds-hourlong_nature_soundscapes.html and enjoy the samples – but remember that the purchased sound files are of a much higher sound quality than the lo-fi previews you can hear from the speaker icon preview player on our site.

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