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Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Sound Effects

It's October, the nights are getting darker, and the kids are slowly but surely working up a Halloween frenzy. Like most special event days today (fathers day, mothers day, valentines day...) the tradition of Halloween is most vehemently upheld by the many businesses that sell Halloween related products such as Halloween costumes, Halloween masks, Halloween pumpkins, scary makeup. Let's not forget that Halloween is a veritable Christmas Day (pun intended) for sweets and candy manufacturers and sweet shops. And yes - even sound effect sellers want in on the action! Thus, here are our annual round-up of specially selected Halloween sound effects for your chills, thrills and spine chilling delights:

Evil Witch sounds: Let's start with the basics. A cackling, laughing, wicked witch is always at the top of our list of Halloween sounds. So why not try:
Now then, with that out of the way we obviously need some Zombie sounds. Zombies moaning and wheezing is the "bread and butter" of scary horror sounds, so try some of these:
  • Zombie moaning: I kid you not - this is actually my own voice. I recorded this about 5 years ago in my studio in England. It's just me basically acting like a zombie and then I slightly changed the pitch of the sound down a little bit to make it just a fraction deeper.
  • This hissing zombie attack sound is of a more alert, attacking zombie, just as he tries to catch you and rip into your flesh with his rotting zombie teeth. Nice.
  • And finally this grunting zombie has a nice, really rotting, wet, bubbly sound to it, as if the blood is literally frothing out of the zombie's throat while he vocalizes. Niiice.
  • If you need more zombie sounds, just search for "zombie" on our sound effects search page - there are dozens of them.
Apart from actual witches, zombies and other monsters, you might need some Halloween horror animal sounds, such as:
Not content with living objects, you may also want to try some inanimate horror / scary items such as the:
Besides the "spot effects" and foley sound effects to add directly to your multimedia, synchronized with on-screen objects and events, there may be times when you just need a nice, scary background sound, sort of an understated horror sound scape that provides a backdrop for the Halloween film or media in question. If so, you may want to try:
  • Fantasy graveyard: In this long-ish sound you can hear a creepy wind resonating over a graveyard, leaves rustling, coffins creaking open, faint monsters groan and more.
  • The Meat Locker is a pretty "cool sound" (cool? cold? get it?) with a spine chilling, freezing sound of death and sickness. It really doesn't sound like some place you'd like to be stuck overnight.
  • Then there is this dungeon nightmare sound that seems to resonate from the very depths of madness itself. Eerie and very, very Halloween'y.

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