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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When an Orc visited our studio this week

Making sound effects and recording sounds is fun. But some times it can be grueling, hard work, and this was the case when 1SoundFX.com owner and sound contributor Bjorn Lynne decided to add some mega intense Orc / Beast vocalizing sounds to our catalog this week.

On the left, me, leaving it all out there in search of beastly howls and growls. On the right, how I felt after doing that for about an hour.
I created the sounds in the "old school" way, quite simply by shouting very loudly into a microphone. I tried to do a variety of shouts, howls, growls, grunts and other vocalizations. :-). The sounds were then pitched down by -2 semitones, just to make them that little bit deeper.

The result: 59 Orc sounds which can be found at 1SoundFX.com by doing an exact search for LYN149 as that has been added as a Keyword to each of these sounds.

I then took the same raw recordings and post-processed them differently, with a more heavy handed approach this time. The raw recordings were pitched down -3 semitones and placed on one audio track. Another copy of the same recording was placed on another audio track and pitched down -5 semitones, so that the two sounds were playing on top of each other with slightly different pitches (but the same duration). I panned these two layers slightly left/right, and the result is a deeper, richer, scarier stereo version of each sound. These sounds appeared to me to emanate from something even more malevolent than an orc, so I decided to call these sounds Demon Beast and you can find these sounds by going to 1SoundFX.com and doing an exact search for LYN150, which is a keyword that I applied to each of them in the database.

The LYN150 / "Demon Beast" sounds are deeper, meatier, punchier, richer and maybe more "impressive" to the ear; part of the reason being that they are in stereo, so the sound is wide and rich.

But the LYN149 / "Orc" sounds are more suitable for certain applications, because they are in mono, they can better be positioned, for example, within a 3D game world where the sound would emanate from a point - not from a stereo source - and also, they are "less processed" so they sound a little bit more realistic.

All in all, it took one full day of recording and processing sounds. I think the results are pretty good. I hope that these sounds will find their way into some cool productions - games, videos, commercials, presentations, animations etc. - over the next few years. I hope you'll find them useful.

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