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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Ambient Horror / Mystery / Crime / Scifi soundscapes

Today we've added 149 new sounds to the selection here at 1SoundFX.com and I'm not going to list them all, as they are spread out among a wide variety of sound effect categories; representing everything from evil witches incantations, to a regular person taking a shower, of clothes being moved, keys being rattled, gentle wind blowing through trees and much, much more.

But I wanted to stop for a moment to showcase a few sounds that I think are a bit special, and very useful for horror films, mystery and crime, stalkers and creeps. These individually created and carefully crafted "sound beds" just stay in the background and provide a nervous tension, a somewhat sickly feel. Let's have a listen!

Horror Sound Bed 01. A bleak, desolate, mystery / horror sound bed. Creepy and cold.

Horror Sound Bed 02. A dark and threatening, unstable and sickly feeling underscore / background drone for horror and mystery.

Horror Sound Bed 03. A creepy and cold, eerie and suspenseful underscore drone, for horror and mystery.

Sci-Fi Mystic Sound Bed 01. An unstable, uneasy drone with creepy sound elements. Mysterious, cold, foreboding.

Like I said, these were just 6 out of the 149 new sounds added here today. I hope you "enjoyed" these, even if they are pretty dark and gloomy. 

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