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Friday, September 16, 2016

Recording rivers, streams, creeks, brooks and waterfalls

It's early autumn and we have been out and about in the beautiful Norwegian forests on several audio recording sessions this past month. We've recorded water moving through nature, in all kinds of different variations.

Small, quaint forest brooks, larger and more active forest streams, small rivers, water splashing over rocks down a steep stream.

Over a period of some 4 weeks, we visited several different areas, pretty much around the Larvik & Lardal districts in southern Norway. We recorded close to the water, further away. We recorded in completely quiet forests, and in other places with more of a bird life.

Once we were done sorting and editing the recordings, we were left with 26 different "nature water streams" sounds; each of which was then turned into a long seamless loop, and a short seamless loops. We are publishing these new files today as 52 new audio files.

The "long loop" versions play for 5-10 minutes and are cleverly edited to be able to loop back to the beginning, without any audible gap, skip, jump or hiccup. You can have this sound playing for as long as you want, and it will just keep playing continuously, without any stop or gap -- so long as you use a player that doesn't stop before going back to the beginning, of course.

You can also pretty easily turn these sounds into hour-long nature sound CD's, if you wish. You need a simple audio editing program. Open the WAV file, Select All audio data in it and Copy it to the copy buffer. (Ctrl-C). Then go to the END of the file (usually Ctrl-End), and hit "Paste" (usually Ctrl-V) as many times as you want. You'll be creating a longer and longer sound, and once you have the required length (could even be 24 hours!), Save this out as a new sound file. That sound will play continuously and seamlessly for the length that you made it.

The "short loop" versions play for about 5-7 seconds and these also loop completely seamlessly. These short loops are useful for applications where you need to save memory or downloading time / bandwidth, as they are relatively small files that transfer quickly. Great for use in Apps, Games and multimedia. These too will play seamlessly from the end and back to the beginning, when played in a loop.

We really enjoyed recording these new sounds for all of our customers, and we really hope that they come in handy for some of your projects.

Oh, and to hear these 56 new water stream sounds, click here!

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